Truth in Wealth Building

10 months without a 3% correction

The Labor Department says worker productivity rose at a 1.5% annualized rate in the second quarter. Compared to the second quarter of 2016, productivity increased…

Just 109 days till Christmas

Portland-based helicopter operator Erickson has named Doug Kitani as their new CEO. Kitani is a West Point graduate who has worked in the defense contractor…

September has been the worst month

Yesterday was the worst one-day decline for the major averages since Aug. 17th. Since 1928, September has been the worst month of the year for…

Summer vacation is over

Summer vacation is over and traders are back at their desks. The S&P 500 closed higher by 0.6% in August to mark its fifth consecutive…

Financial Focus Radio Show September 2nd

Get your Labor Day wealth knowledge.

Labor Day and markets are closed

It is Labor Day and summer is unofficially over. Markets are closed today with the holiday but we have a market recap for you today….

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