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Markets surged on Friday as we had a big jobs report, potential resolution of some of the trade issues and some Fed speak.

Wage growth and economic recessions. Nonfarm payrolls grew 312K last month, significantly above the consensus estimate. Average hourly earnings climbed 3.2% year over year in December, the fastest pace of the cycle, bucking investors’ fears that inflationary pressures may have fallen too far over the past few months. While strong jobs growth is always a good sign, wage growth is the most important metric to watch in jobs data these days, especially as recessionary fears increase. (LPL Research)

China moves to boost slowing economy. In an effort to prop up its cooling economy, the country’s central bank cut its reserve requirement imposed on financial firms. The move is expected to inject liquidity by freeing up more than 800B yuan (~$116B). (LPL Research)

An interesting dichotomy in the online versus brick-and-mortar sales arena. In-store shoppers return about 8% of their purchases, while online shoppers return close to 30%. Consumers will return approximately $100 billion of the $850 billion they bought during the holiday buying season. (CNBC)
S&P 500 is up 1 and the NASDAQ is up 0.

Oil is up 98 cents at $48.94 a barrel.

Gold is up $10 at $1294 a Troy ounce.

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