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Developed-market bond prices continue to climb with yields in Australia and New Zealand dropping to record lows overnight following the inversion of the U.S. yield curve on Friday, while Japan’s 10-year yield fell to the lowest since 2016. Money markets are now pricing a 90 percent chance that the Federal Reserve will cut rates by December.  (Bloomberg)

Pilots from five airlines tested a software update in a flight simulator for Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft following two deadly crashes in recent months. The accidents have driven a wedge between European and US aviation authorities, creating “dangerous” fragmentation of international safety systems.  (FT)

Apple is expected to introduce a new video streaming service on Monday, which it hopes will reinvent the TV guide with a personalized offering of programming and original content. The launch of the two subscriptions will culminate nearly 10 years of Apple interest in distributing news and TV content. (SA)

On the trade front — China is refusing to budge on US demands that it relax its restrictions on digital trade — a priority for America’s largest technology companies, and one of several remaining obstacles to an agreement between Washington and Beijing.  Robert Lighthizer and Steven Mnuchin travel to Beijing on March 28 for meetings with Liu He, China’s vice-premier and leading economic official. Mr Liu is expected to return to Washington the following week, and the two sessions combined could be pivotal for the fate of the talks. (FT)

The S&P 500 is down 4 and the NASDAQ is down 18. The MSCI international index is down about 1%.

Oil is down 13 cents at $58.91 a barrel.

Gold is up $6 at $1318 an ounce