China recently dumped $83 billion, into its banking system — a record amount of money injected in one day — in a sign that the economy may be facing stress. (CNBC)

McDonald’s lost its right to the trademark for “Big Mac” in a European Union ruling. The case had been brought by Irish fast food chain Supermac’s. (CNBC)

Oregon-based Columbia helicopters is still selling to the Bristow Group from Texas. This comes even Bristow’s share price has fallen 70% since the deal was announced. Columbia is selling to Bristow for $492 million in cash. (Oregonian)

Alaska Airlines is adding 3000 new workers in 2019 and 500 of them will be in Oregon. The airline has a total workforce of about 21,000 workers. (Oregonian)

Dutch Bros Coffee has hired Joth Ricci as President. He was formally Pres. and CEO of Adelsheim Vineyard. Before that he was President of Stumptown Coffee Roasters for four years. Dutch Bros. has about 300 locations and 9000 employees. (PBJ)

Ford has plans to build an electric F – 150 pickup truck. The F – 150 is America’s most popular vehicle. (CNN)
S&P 500 is up 5 and the NASDAQ is up 35.

Oil is down 31 cents at $52.31 a barrel.

Gold is down $6 at $1278 a Troy ounce.

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