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The Fed’s plans for its multitrillion-dollar balance sheet are in focus ahead of its two-day meeting starting today. The pace at which the Fed has been offloading debt was a factor behind the turbulence in financial markets last year. Fed chairman Jay Powell said last month that an announcement on the future of the balance sheet would come “fairly soon”.  (FT)

Looking to diversify its revenue sources, Google will take a stab today at revolutionizing the $130B+ gaming industry currently dominated by incumbents like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.  Reports suggest that the main focus isn’t on a console – rumored to be called “Yeti” – but instead on a streaming platform that can be likened to a “Netflix for video games.” Cloud gaming can let users stream wherever they are – on a phone, computer or tablet – with a speedy internet connection. (SA)

Things are relatively quiet on the trade front, but there are signs of progress. U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue described negotiations as “dynamic,” saying China could triple its 2017 purchases of U.S. farm goods in the next five years. Perdue also confirmed that there would have to be an agriculture deal as part of any trade deal with the EU. (Bloomberg)

The S&P 500 is up 11 and the NASDAQ is up 32. Europe’s early gains lifted MSCI’s All world index for a seventh straight day, the longest streak of consecutive gains since Oct 2017, and to its highest since October.

Oil is up 27 cents at $59.36 a barrel after OPEC and its partners committed to continue production cuts until at least June.

Gold is up $9 at $1310 an ounce.

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