Troy Reinhart


Troy Reinhart grew up in Bend and earned his Bachelor degree and did Masters Studies at Oregon State University (Economics and Forestry). He then spent nearly 20 years managing manufacturing facilities for Louisiana Pacific and Fortune Brands Corporations along with a stint as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. where he met his wife, Adrienne, the mother of their three young children.

After living and working in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Indiana, the Reinhart’s decided to return to Bend and put down roots. Troy’s varied experiences give him a unique insight that clients, particularly entrepreneurs and employers, find of real value. His young family makes him especially empathetic to clients who are simultaneously trying to juggle the tasks of acquiring homes, raising children and funding both education and retirement needs. He acts as 401(k) advisor for several large firms holding investment and financial education meetings for their employees on a regular basis. Give Troy a call for any questions you may have. By the way, Troy began investing through our firm at age 18 and has continued the systematic accumulation of wealth. He understands the importance of time in any worthwhile endeavor.